RG Partners

Partner with Redeeming Grounds and turn your coffee expense into a community restoration investment.

Whether you’re a company, church, event, or non-profit, serving Redeeming Grounds coffee is a game-changer. Here’s why:

  • Your purchases equip coffee farmers in highly distressed, volatile areas with the resources to restore their communities. From repairing lives in a guerrilla conflict zone in Colombia to developing a coffee line in Uganda for providing employment alternatives to rebels, you’ll be transforming communities with every delicious sip.
  • You’ll enjoy rich premium coffee, superior customer service, and flexible purchasing options.
  • Our fundraising / reselling program is a powerful way to support your organization’s mission. It’s simple, too. Just make a 15-count 1 lb. bag purchase and you’ll receive a 17% discounted bulk rate, plus attractive informational materials to drive sales.
  • We’ll provide you with point-of-serving items, as well as informational materials, like pamphlets, palm cards, and videos. The result — your coffee drinkers will be informed about the compelling mission behind their delicious brew and how it’s aligned with your mission and goals.

So what’s next?  Place an order, give us a call at 855.730.7474, or shoot us an email. We’re excited to partner with you!

“I love Redeeming Grounds! Empowering farmers in the danger zone, meeting Americans in the marketplace, and sharing the Gospel everywhere. Our church is all about that. That’s why National Community Church serves Redeeming Grounds coffee. The brew is delicious, the service is great, and coffee expense is now an investment in Kingdom work.”

Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor, National Community Church

Qualia is a coffee shop and roaster focused on quality and direct trade, so we’ve been delighted to roast and feature Redeeming Grounds coffee. The quality is impressive and the direct relationship with these former-cocaine-growers turned coffee farmers is the real deal.

Joel Finkelstein, Owner of Qualia Coffee, Washington, D.C.