Our Story

Running into the places others are running from, Redeeming Grounds empowers coffee growers to restore their communities.

Mission & Method

Redeeming Grounds empowers coffee growers in the danger zone to restore their communities.

We accomplish this mission in two ways. First, we partner with coffee growers in highly distressed areas and buy their coffee at above fair-trade prices. This drives sustainable, community-restoring change. Second, through your coffee purchases, we channel 100% of profits to restorative efforts in partner grower communities and others, increasing community support and involvement.

Present Day (2016)

In a guerrilla conflict zone in Colombia, Redeeming Grounds partners with farmers who cut down their coca (cocaine) fields, began growing rich coffee, and now lead villagers still growing coca to restore their communities by transitioning to coffee.

In 2015, Redeeming Grounds partner growers in Colombia helped transition approximately 10 acres from coca (cocaine) to coffee cultivation.  Those acres would have produced approximately 322 kilograms of cocaine paste, which, when processed, has an estimated street value of $16.2 million.  Behind those numbers are the impacts we’re all about — changing lives and restoring communities.

The Beginning

Redeeming Grounds has its roots in the mountains of southern Colombia, a guerilla conflict zone notorious for kidnappings, car bombings, and assassinations. In 2009, Pastor Otoniel crossed into these mountains and preached to coca (cocaine) growers and guerilla fighters. And some believed. Then they cut down their coca fields and planted coffee, risking safety and livelihood. When the first harvest came in 2012, two friends from National Community Church (Washington, D.C.) prayed with the Pastor and these coffee growers. Their prayer was that lives could be changed and communities restored. They did not know it, but the seeds of Redeeming Grounds had just been planted.

Our Vision

Redeeming Grounds envisions coffee lands where every person can reach their human potential and know the love of Jesus.

Our Leadership


Santiago Moncada

President of Redeeming Grounds,
former Division Director of PCM Services